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Asking the wrong questions
December 11, 2009, 3:15 am
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This morning, well actually for the last few days, the talking heads were batting global warming around like a tennis ball made of silly putty. 

Here’s how the ball bounces:  The Al Gore-ites are all for it.  A number of scientists are skeptical. 

Big Al has looked into it via the internet that he invented.  He pretty much knows what’s going on and even made a documentary that got on public TV and won him a peace prize.  He wanted us to know so we’d stop doing the stuff that caused global warming in the first place.

The scientists, on the other hand, are skeptical of Big Al’s contention.  Their point is that it’s difficult to prove that current weather patterns are caused by global warming.  They contend that it’s very possible that the current weather patterns are nothing more than part of a recurring, historical cycle.  This cycle is not very well documented because Al Gore didn’t invent the internet till the mid-1950’s, so people didn’t have many concrete methods to make note of previous weather cycles.  At least not by methods that stand up to scientific examination.  Pictures on cave walls don’t seem to count for much.

But I digress….

Here’s what I think:  People are asking the wrong questions and concerned about the wrong stuff.

Sit down for a moment.  Now, write down all the names of people who you know have cancer or had cancer in the last 10 years even if they are already dead.  Next, if you’re over age 35, write down the names of all the people you remember who had cancer 25 years ago.   Compare the list. 

If you’re like me, your list of currently knowns with cancer (or recently deceased from the disease) is much longer than the list from 25 years ago.  Hmmmm….

For an interesting road trip that will add more information to our sudo-scientific search, go out for a ride through the countryside.  Tell me how many new ‘mountains’ (or at the minimum, very large hills) you see that you don’t remember being there when you were a kid.  I’m thinking you’ll see a significant number. 

Those are garbage dumps that are buried to look like mountains.  They’re springing up everywhere!  Their stench in some places pollutes the air; their decay leaches into our water systems.  One of these days, Columbus will no longer be nestled on the flat plains of Ohio.  It will rest among the mountains.

If you live in the Youngstown area, stand outside for an hour and count how many very large C planes use your house as landing directionals in take off and landing maneuvers from the local air base.  If it’s a clear day, tell me what you see as they fly over.  If you said a cascading gray emission coming out of the back of the engines, you’d be correct! 

What is that?  It’s the exhaust debris.  Where is it going?  Into our watershed, onto our crops, into the grass that cows are eating and consequently, into our bellies to be spread throughout our bodies.  It’s called toxic waste and it messes with something in our bodies known as ‘free radicals’.  Not good.

I”m not picking on the Air Force.  Their gunk is just more visible. 

We also need to be highly aware of all the pesticides used on crops and even our lawns. 

Here’s what we’re told about that:  As long as you wash the produce, the fruit, the potatoes, etc., you’ll be fine.  Uh, I don’t think so.  That stuff they put on the crops to kill the weeds, kill the bugs, grow uber tomatoes (that taste like straw) and delicious apples the size of a baby’s head, is sprayed across the crops, lands in the ground, is sucked up by the plant’s roots, embedding itself in something that you’re going to buy at the store or the local farm market then eat.  Where will it go? Into your belly to ‘nourish’ your body.

So, what’s the problem?  The problem is that your body doesn’t recognize that junk.  Your body wasn’t created knowing what to do with the unrecognizable.  Sometimes it will manage to expel it; unfortunately, more often the junk is deposited into your body tissue, your organs – pancreas, liver, kidneys, lungs.  The body tries very hard to deal with it and does for awhile.  But then it can’t deal anymore. 

Next thing you know, you’re on the list you just made of people you know who have cancer or MS, or MD, or any number of diseases that can’t deal with a ruptured ecology.

So how’d we get here?  Greed.   People learned that if they used chemicals, they could improve their produce, improve their crop sales, make more money.  Steel and oil barons learned that they could build empires worth billions while easily forgetting that their sludge and run off was going directly into our water sources.  The tobacco companies started with a cigarette then built a ‘better’ one, filled with 10 times the nicotine our parents got from each puff.  They used their technology to hook in more consumers, get more sales, fill their greedy coffers with more dollars. 

Americans, in an effort to make life simpler, have created a need for fast foods, bright packaging that sells more products, plastics that won’t break down for thousands of years, and a hellish host of things, including TV’s, computers, furniture and good old every day garbage, that ends up in dumps that are turned into mountains.

The earth shudders.  The weather changes.  The earthquakes come.  The K-Mart closes; the building is torn down; the parking lot is empty.  The earth gets her chance and if you watch carefully, you’ll see her begin to reclaim what is hers.  All’s she needs is a chance.

Will we give her that chance before it’s too late?


Everybody Poops
October 18, 2009, 12:47 am
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billnyeThe book, ‘Everybody Poops’, was written by Bill Nye, The Science Guy.  Remember him?  He was a hit with kids back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I think.  The first time we saw the book, we giggled like school kids.  I mean, after all, it mentioned the word poop and that word makes everyone giggle at some point or another.  Well, unless you’re a person whose job is to clean it up.  Then, I suppose, you probably don’t giggle much about it.

Anyway, we were talking today about people who think that for one reason or another, they’re at least a half head better than everyone else.  We all know them.  We work with alot of them.  They make it their business to make sure we know how important they are, even when they aren’t.  We watch alot of them on TV or in movies or on sports fields.  Then we watch them get all haughty because someone wants to take their picture or asks for an autograph and they don’t think they should have to participate.  Hey, bucko, you’re the one who wanted to get all famous, and I helped you get there, so suck it up and sign the autograph.

Which brings me to – Everybody Poops.  I started thinking about how we all want to point out the differences among us and Poopshow some of us even want to get all haughty about these differences.  Whether we should or not is another question.  

Just in case you ever get the idea you’ve got something to get all haughty over, I thought I’d give you a list of some of the things we do pretty much the same.  Here goes….

We all have skin covering our muscles, unless yours has been burned off in a fire.

We all have hair covering our bodies, unless you have alopecia.

We all have eyes to see, unless you’re an alien from another galaxy, then you might not.  Or if your haughtiness has blinded you.

We all have hands and feet and, generally speaking, ten fingers and ten toes, unless you were in a very bad accident or born without them.

We all have navals, I believe, without exception.  There is a difference in navals, as some people have innies and some have outties.  Even so, I see no reason to get haughty over it.

We all have ears, although some of us use them less than others.

We all have mouths, although some of us use them more than others and should think about that.

We all have butts, some flat, some round, some with kind of a table top effect, some sagging.  Maybe you can get all haughty over your booty if you want.  I wouldn’t lord it over others, cause the booty can change at any moment.

We all put our pants on one leg at a time, unless, again, you’ve been in a terrible accident, lost your legs to diabetes, or were born without them.  If you’ve got ’em, be thankful for them and keep on walking.

We all have brains, although with some people, you just can’t tell.

We all breathe the same air, but some of our bodies respond badly to it while others consume it regularly.

heartWe all have hearts that pump the blood that we all have, carrying the oxygen that we just breathed to all of the organs that we all also have.  Here there is a difference:  some hearts beat with love while others beat against love.  Again no reason to get haughty – those beating with love should strive to help those beating against love.

 We all came from the collision of a sperm with an egg and were ‘baked’ in a warm uterus until it was time for us to pop out.

We all have birth mothers; we don’t all have moms.  Those who have moms should share with those who only have birth mothers.

We all have access to God.  We don’t all choose to access Him.

We all have the capacity to love one another.  When we use that capacity wisely, without mixing love with power or control, we just might forget the reason we thought we could get all haughty and enjoy and benefit from the gifts we each can share.

If all else fails just remember:  everybody poops.  Sometimes, that’s a very stinky business, so try not to poop on anyone else.

September 2, 2009, 4:05 am
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Father of the bride

I love the line in the movie ‘Father of the Bride’ when Steve Martin (as the Father) in speaking with his daughter’s fiance, tells him that his daughter comes from a long line of over reactors.  He then proclaims the lineage that includes his mother, himself and, naturally, his daughter.

I love that part because, misery loves company, it takes one to know one, and I recognize myself in that particular segment.

Some people would say that those of us who do overreact to situations or conversations or any unnatural life circumstance that causes us fear are probably just plain crazy or high strung.  I don’t think so.

I think the real truth of the matter is that we are people who vibrate on a higher stream of consciousness than most.  Unlike most plebeians (plain folks to you) we are not rooted to the earth but rise above it, allowing our electrical vibrations a more free and intense reign.  We have a sixth sense and connection to the invisible world that allows or causes us to experience things more acutely, thereby making us over reactors rather than just reactors.  Those rooted in the ground basically don’t have the ability to quake at a 7.5 level.  We do.

In the king’s English, that just means that we make mountains out of molehills.  We listen to the anecdotal stories of others and adopt them as truth.  We take Xanax to quiet our out of control electrical vibrations so that we can stand to hear the truth when it’s delivered.

The truth is like a bucket of very cold water tossed on a couple of mating dogs:  it strikes us to the ground where all vibration stops.  We come out of our electrically charged state and return to the dull lifelessness that we resemble following a major quake phase.  Breathing returns to normal; thinking clears; and the headache sets in.  The aftermath of the quake is that we feel silly.

No matter how many times we go through this, when we’re done, we tell ourselves that we’ll never allow that to happen again!  Next time, we say, we’ll remain calm until there’s a real reason not to remain calm.

It’s a lie.  We can’t do it.  Next time something happens that frightens us to death, we’ll begin to vibrate again, well beyond normal human rates, out of control, making ourselves crazy, raising our blood pressures, letting our minds tell us that only the worst is possible.  And while the worst just may come, there’s a greater probability that it won’t.

Regardless, we’ll vibrate out of control until the truth is revealed and we once again feel silly.  You can count on it.

Things that go bump in the night
August 25, 2009, 5:35 pm
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Remember when you were a kid? You’d lie in bed at night and, after all was quiet, hearboogeyman2 noises that you never heard during the day, especially if you lived in an older home. You might have let your mind run wild and think the Boogey Man was coming out from under the bed to get you! Or that the ghosts who lived in the closet were dancing on the ceiling.

If you were scared enough, you’d go flying into your parent’s room – sometimes much to their surprise – begging to get into bed with them and hide. Some of you were allowed into the family bed; others were escorted back to your own room where your parent showed you that there was nothing hiding under the bed or lurking in the closet. Well of course they didn’t see those things – they made sure parents never saw them!

Little did we know that this was just a precursor to the things we’d experience as adults where things don’t just go bump in the night but also go crash, bang, boom during the day!

When we become adults, often our bumps are much more hideous than any Boogey Man could ever be. There’s the cancer that just won’t go away or the accident that turns us into wheelchair bound vegetables where an athlete once stood. There’s job loss and spouse loss. There’s a child who commits murder and the aunt who was murdered and the moms who are left to deal with the aftermath.

As adults, where do we run when these trials come upon us?

Being a person of faith in God and His Son, Jesus, I run to them.

Oh, I’m no saint. I admit to being human just like everyone else. When the storm begins to rage, my stomach flips and my blood runs cold. My mind flies into a fit of ‘what ifs’, ‘I wonders’ and ‘how on earths’?

027mBut once the initial shock fades, the Lord comes in and reminds me of His past faithfulness in my life and I begin to think on those times and remind myself of the promises He’s made throughout the Bible. I know those to be true now and always and I find comfort there and strength to get through yet another storm.

I always go back to the place where it says ‘yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because You are with me.’ That word ‘through’ is huge! It means I won’t be left alone in the middle of the storm but I will go through – indicating from one side to the other. YEA!

Knowing Jesus doesn’t mean I’ll get to skip the storms. The storms still come; they rage on. The difference is that I have every hope that they will end and that God will have walked me through, never failing, just as He’s promised.