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Baseball has been vedy goooodt to me….
July 7, 2009, 2:38 am
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That’s what a number of our imported players have to say about the game as they get their paychecks and hit the field to hopefully knock a couple out of the park.

It’s been fun for us as well.

Last Saturday I got a text from my sister asking if I was awake.  It was 10:40 p.m. so it was considerate of her to text rather than call and chance waking me up.  After a text reply, the phone rang and she told how she and Dick (her husband) had just won some great seats at The Jake (I refuse to call it Progressive Field) for July 4th.  Five rows behind home plate!  AWESOME!

As if that wasn’t enough, they also had passes to the Terrace Club to share as well.  To coin a previously movie-coined phrase:

Looking out at the Jumbotron

Looking out at the Jumbotron

“Is this Heaven?”

I thought it would be fun to surprise Dan with this fun evening as part of his forthcoming birthday gift which meant I had to keep it all a secret.  So, I spent the week dodging his constant attempts to plan out what we’d be doing and where and when we would meet up with Pat & Dick on Saturday.  It would have been infinitely simpler had I just told him and been done with it.

Saturday came and I hid all the stuff we usually take to a game, including his new shirt with Colavito on the back, in the back of my car.  Next thing you know, he’s tromping through the house hunting down said items.  Not finding them (because they were in the back of my car) we left in a huff.

We met Pat and Dick, got them into our car and commenced with a prefabricated story about how Dick had to go find this place in Cleveland where he needed to pick up a load on Tuesday (he’s a truck driver).  When we got close enough, Dick handed Dan the parking pass and said, “I think you need to go here.”  Dan didn’t get it, then all of a sudden the light came on and he realized what was happening.

Big as life - Grady Sizemore

It was a lovely evening with dinner in the main dining room of the Terrace Club, window seats.  Because it was July 4th, they were serving an upscale version of picnic type foods.  I’m not a big rib fan, but theirs were scrumptious!

Big as life – Grady Sizemore

After we’d feasted ourselves full, we went down to our seats where we learned that the players are actually as large, if not larger than we are instead of the usual two inches tall you see from the upper decks.

It was a beautiful night for baseball!  Not too cold, hot or windy.  Just right.  We could hear every sound – the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt, the umpire clearly calling the strikes, the crack of the bat.  The cotton

Score keeper

candy vendor actually came to our row – he never does that when we’re in the upper deck – and Slider shook my hand!  Howfun!

Pat and I took reams of photos of every sight visible including one of the actual game scorekeeper who sits in section 157 and keeps the score of the game!  I never knew about him.

Unbelievably, our Tribe actually won their second game in a row after having lost five games prior to this series with Oakland.  As if that wasn’t the icing on the cake, there were wonderful fireworks following the game, complete with musical accompaniment.  I don’t think we could have asked for a much better night!

Thanks to Pat & Dick for sharing this evening with us.  It was grand!

The Jake 080