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How many snacks does it take to feed a Bible Club?
July 12, 2009, 12:50 am
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It takes way more than I can begin to count.  Well not really.  After working on them all afternoon, I know exactly how many we made:  300.

brown-bagThat’s what my two friends and I did today.  Made up lunch bags full of mostly junk food snacks – the best kind, of course – for unknown numbers of kids who will attend our church’s first Backyard Bible Clubs next week.

The fun started last week when Dan and I went to several stores to price items that might be used in the snack bags.  It was an all-afternoon adventure that left me with five pages of notes about what kind of items I might use, how many in a container, prices, and flavors.

Friday morning this week, my dear friend Connie took me to Sam’s Club (I don’t have my own membership) so we could get everything we needed.  I figured it would be pretty simple, because I came with a full list of items that we’d need for each day.Publication1

I did fine on all the pre-counted items but hit a snag when we got to the bulk items we agreed to purchase and bag up ourselves.  I picked up a box of Oreos and read that there were 10 individually wrapped packs inside.

“Gee, Connie, how many of these boxes do you think we’ll need?”  “I don’t know, June,” she responded.

“I wish I new how many cookies were in this box,” I said as I turned it upside down, round and round as though it might speak up and give me the answer.

I watched as Connie picked up a box and flipped it to where the ingredient list was.  “It says here that a serving size is three pretzelscookies,” she told me.  “It also says that there are 45 servings in this box!”

Well, DUH!  How smart was that!  I sure felt dumber than a fifth grader at that point, but oh so glad Connie gave me my answer.  It made the rest of the shopping go like clock work!  We were out of there in 37 minutes.

Today we got together to assemble the 300 bags.  Kathy joined us around our kitchen table and we all bagged up the food items.  Next came the assembly process.  For awhile, we each worked individually for awhile which seemed to take forever!  Finally, Connie (again) sped things up when she organized us into an assembly line!  I wish I’d thought of thatsnk_austin_wheat_cheddar_crackers_45ct – we’d have been done so much sooner.

Everyone persevered to get the job done.  My dining room is filled with snack bags just waiting to be handed to some lucky child.  Hopefully, they’ll learn at least as much in the Backyard Bible Clubs as I did in the Backyard Snack Making Club.