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Another bad idea….
July 22, 2009, 10:31 pm
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I’ll be brief.

Why do we need the government butting into everything and everyone’s business?

I objected to the government bail out of both GM and banking institutions who participated in nefarious activities that shouldford_logo have caused their demise.  If they wanted to bail out someone, they should have bailed out the individuals who were affected by the stupidity of those institutions and let the institutions go ahead and die.  As an aside to this, if you’ve noticed, Ford didn’t show up at the Capitol Building asking for money.  Nor are they taking on overseas partners.  YEA Ford!

Now, Pres. Obama wants to do something, anything with healthcare.  One yahoo I heard yakking said that one plan would force all Americans to get health insurance by fining us $1,000 for not having it!  Okay, so let’s think about this:  a person making $6.25 an hour without benefits probably can’t afford to purchase health insurance for, say $400 per month.  How will they pay this $1,000 fine?  Hmmmm….a bit of faulty thinking (as usual) on the part of someone.

More faulty thinking involves President Obama, along with 500+ congressmen and senators behaving as though there is physician%20symbolmoney to spend on this stuff, before or after the bail outs.  As a taxpayer, I’m pretty tapped out.  Thanks to the economy, I’m not just supporting myself, I’m also supporting a member of my family plus a boatload of members of numerous other families who are collecting unemployment and have managed to get on the state-funded health insurance policies.  I don’t have any more money to give for taxes to cover universal healthcare.

Maybe a better solution would be for pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies to bring their prices down to truly affordable.  Thirty days of pills shouldn’t cost $300 should it?  That’s $10 a pill if you take one a day.

Since we pay exorbitant rates to insurance companies, maybe they should up the amounts that they will actually pay medical_symbol_storyhospitals for procedures to at least the amount that will cover actual costs!  When I worked at the doctor’s office, the cost for an uncomplicated pregnancy was $2,300.  Care Source and the other state owned Medicaid insurances paid the doctors $1,400, a $900 shortfall.  I believe they pay hospitals at a 40% rate.  How do they expect the hospitals to continue, especially those who have a very high indigent population?  They can never make that up no matter how good everyone else’s insurance is.

Back in the 60’s, you went to the doctor and you paid him cash at a very reasonable rate for the visit.  Some doctors even took chickens as payment.  A hospital visit didn’t cause you to refinance your house.  We didn’t have health insurance then.  We didn’t need it. Government had nothing to do with it.

Is there a moral to this story?