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Week four, five and Spring!
March 28, 2011, 8:01 pm
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I’m sorry to tell you but if you were looking for a big exciting time in my unemployment section of the blog, it’s just not happening!  Week four was pretty uneventful other than they finally decided that yes, I could have a weekly stipend to help me pay bills.  Compared to getting that determination, week five was pretty boring.

I’ve applied for jobs that I thought I might qualify for, but apparently I don’t because no one has called me.  Not exactly crying over that….yet.

Don’t get me wrong:  while all this is most boring for you, daily life for me is not at all boring.  My daily routine is less than humdrum as I clean out desk and chest drawers, finding all kinds of treasures – and a lot of junk that gets thrown out which pleases me no end!  I actually get to talk with friends throughout the day and email whoever I want without getting reprimanded for using the computer.  I’ve gone to lunch and dinner with friends and volunteers; celebrated some freedom with those who also usually don’t get out regularly and emptied the dishwasher when it was done washing instead of just in time to put more dishes inside.

Freedom to pursue what we actually want to pursue is highly underrated!

The time change was another thing that I actually enjoyed because I was under no constraint to follow its whim.  It’s the first time I didn’t feel the effects of that lost hour.  It’s nice not to have to get up when it’s still dark to go to work.  When I awake, it’s daylight and I enjoy getting out of bed to see it!

I can also take a nap if I want to (I’ve only done that twice), have dinner when it’s actually dinner time and stay up late knowing I won’t have to deal with the consequences because I can stay in bed longer if I need to.

The most lovely part is being able to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, check out our flower beds to see what’s poking its head out after the long, long winter’s nap, and go for walks when it’s not too cold.  I’ve been reading books, re-reading the New Testament, making hopeful plans for several trips and anticipating our son’s graduation from law school in May.

Then there’s today:  while it still feels like winter outside with temperatures hovering around freezing, can the feel of spring be far behind?  I just witnessed our first lawn application by the company who comes monthly to care for our grass!   

Soon, there will be tender green shoots just daring my husband to start his mower for the first cutting of the season.  Is there anything better than that? 

Once he’s done, if things slow down, I just may go sit outside and watch it all grow back….a luxury of leisure I haven’t had in a very long time.


Week Three – On a Roll
March 8, 2011, 2:32 am
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Well, I’m starting week three tomorrow of my extended vacation.  So far, it’s been really busy and pretty fun.

Yesterday, I filed my weekly claim with the OJI.  Pretty uneventful; so far no $$ has come my way, but since I got my vacation pay out check, I’m still solvent – a good thing.

Some people say – gee you must be bored!  I say ‘are you kidding me?’  Everyday has been full.  It gets to be dinner time and I wonder where the time went. 

I’ve been working on computer projects for Dan and several of my own; I’ve almost finished editing last year’s book so the publisher can have it back and it can become fully published – and available on Amazon.com.  I started reading a new book by Max Lucado and doing a daily Bible study in the Old Testament. 

I’ve also gone out to lunches and a dinner with some friends from the old place, two dinners with ‘regular’ friends, and a birthday celebration for our daughter-in-law along with our son and her folks.  Then there’s catching up by phone with some out of town friends topped off with Facebook, my three email addresses and Bejeweled Blitz to stay in the top five. 

Remember, I said it’s an extended vacation so that means fun.

Oh, yes, I am keeping up with the job market, sending out those resumes and posting myself on one job site after another.  That part is harder.  I never know what to say in cover letters.  After awhile, I get a bit smart alecky.  I mean, who knows what it is they want to hear?  Hey, I bet you look great today – call me for an interview so I can see for myself? 

I mean really – why can’t the resume speak for me?  Once you read that, there’s very little left to comment on.

So, that’s about it from here.  What’s going on at your house?

Happy 2-week-aversary!
March 1, 2011, 7:22 pm
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It’s been two weeks since my place of employment asked me to pack up and go. 

Yesterday, they sent me a 2-week-aversary gift, one that will keep on giving, I mean, taking if I decide to sign up for it.

What was this special gift?

It was my COBRA  information.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term COBRA here’s what it means:  You get an envelope in the mail.  You open the envelope.  A very large packet springs forth from the envelope and gives you a great big poisonous BITE.  You faint dead on the floor, just as though you’d been bitten by a real snake.

COBRA is the nifty little agreement between your former health insurer and the government that allows you to continue your health insurance coverage for another 18 months, theoretically providing you a window of opportunity until you get your next job with benefits.  It sounds like a really good thing, doesn’t it?

But of course,  there’s a catch – a very big catch!

When I was working, and could almost afford to pay for our health insurance for two, I paid $240 a month.  In comparison to other personal policies that you might get on your own, this is a bargain and I was glad to pay it.

Now that I’m not working, thanks to COBRA, I can have the privilege of paying  $1,006.28 for health insurance.  Of course, that does include a dental plan.

I’m not sure how that’s going to work since that will leave me with $33.72 out of my unemployment for groceries.  I guess I won’t need Nutrisystem to lose weight, huh?

I’m not going to rant on and on about this.  If you’ve visited this column before, I’m sure you can imagine already what I’m really thinking. 

I’m just going to say this one thing: 



Speaking of ‘what are they thinking’?  I also have one comment about the recent, ridiculously childish, self absorbed, hedonistic, drunken, drug affected, mentally challenged, lunatic antics of Charlie Sheen. 

~ image from Thirdage

 I’m extremely sorry that his parents, Martin and Janet,  have to go through this. 

Charlie, get a grip, grow up, get clean and sober and figure out how to handle real life – really.  Stop blaming everyone else – every single person you know can’t all possibly be wrong or doing you wrong.  It’s you, buddy, and only you can make the choice to fix it. 

May God rescue your parents and save you – soon.  Amen.