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Racism or Just Bad Choices?

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have experienced a dearth of ideas, meaning I just haven’t had an idea for days.  Until today when the world has seemingly gone mad all at once (again)!  Now I have about a half dozen ideas.

So, starting at the top – pun intended.

tv_JimmyCarter_1dec06_0The criticism of President Obama and Jimmy Carter’s assessment.

First of all, I don’t believe, as Jimmy Carter is saying, that people are necessarily criticizing President Obama as a person, as a partial African American, nor as a man.  Nope, I’m pretty sure they are not.

Many, if they are criticizing him, are taking cracks at him because of his infinitely unwise decisions.

Remember back in the campaign days when Mr. Obama assured us – as have so many before him – that he would hold down the spending and especially the pork barrel spending?  Yet in the middle of the campaign, both he and John McCain ran back to D.C. to vote for the first $700 billion bailout.  This turned out to be an $850 billion bailout that included numerous pork barrel items and one of the first instances where words didn’t 071028_mccainmatch actions for either Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain.

Our displeasure in these people had nothing to do with either man’s race.  Their actions, however, should have caused a lightning bolt action running through our psyches telling us we shouldn’t vote for either man, black, white or otherwise.

Then there was the auto maker’s bail out.  I was really against this one but Mr. Obama championed the cause and the senators and congressmen yet again, did not heed our tortured, crictical screams.  Next thing you know the American taxpayers became the not-so-proud owners of the Government Motors Company.  Our displeasure had nothing to do with Mr. Obama’s race – only with his stupid response to a ridiculous situation that would have been better off left alone.

Barack_Obama_01_by_StudioFoveaA small aside here:  General Motors handed their bail out money to the Chinese government in order to extend their factories and auto production in China.  I’m not sure why they didn’t ask China for the bailout?  Oh, wait, yes I am.  The Chinese government wouldn’t have given them one red cent.  They’re not that gullible.

So now Mr. Obama is promoting a healthcare plan that will cost the American public $835 billion – so far.  The plan is so unwieldy that I’m pretty sure no one, not even the lady who had to type it all up, knows what it says.  The one thing that has been noted is that families who don’t subscribe to some form of health insurance will be fined $3,800.  Maybe that’s how Congress plans to raise the $835 billion?

Stick with me here while I do the math on all this.  $850 billion + $35 billion + $835 Billion = 1.720 TRILLION dollars of non existent taxpayer dollars earmarked for spending in less than a year by our first, partially African American president.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not on this rant because Mr. Obama is partially African American.  I’m on this rant because I do have a brain and I am living and breathing in America.  I’m ranting because I do resent someone who would give my hard earned money to crooks and thieves who have either stolen from the accounts of or raped the American people by stealing their jobs and giving them to the Mexicans and Chinese in order to make greater profits.

I am ranting because it is unbelievable to me that anyone would look at what has taken place in the last year and still have the gall to say people are picking on Mr. Obama because he’s our first partial African American president!

Have you lost your minds?  Do you seriously think the caucasians would be sitting around saying ‘gee, we’re so glad the white guy in office dumped us into the cesspool of a 1.720 trillion dollar debt’ if John McCain had gotten into office and committed these financial atrocities?   If you do, then it’s time for more than a change in American government; it’s time for a change in its people.                                    

9/16/09 – 11:25 p.m.


September 2, 2009, 4:05 am
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Father of the bride

I love the line in the movie ‘Father of the Bride’ when Steve Martin (as the Father) in speaking with his daughter’s fiance, tells him that his daughter comes from a long line of over reactors.  He then proclaims the lineage that includes his mother, himself and, naturally, his daughter.

I love that part because, misery loves company, it takes one to know one, and I recognize myself in that particular segment.

Some people would say that those of us who do overreact to situations or conversations or any unnatural life circumstance that causes us fear are probably just plain crazy or high strung.  I don’t think so.

I think the real truth of the matter is that we are people who vibrate on a higher stream of consciousness than most.  Unlike most plebeians (plain folks to you) we are not rooted to the earth but rise above it, allowing our electrical vibrations a more free and intense reign.  We have a sixth sense and connection to the invisible world that allows or causes us to experience things more acutely, thereby making us over reactors rather than just reactors.  Those rooted in the ground basically don’t have the ability to quake at a 7.5 level.  We do.

In the king’s English, that just means that we make mountains out of molehills.  We listen to the anecdotal stories of others and adopt them as truth.  We take Xanax to quiet our out of control electrical vibrations so that we can stand to hear the truth when it’s delivered.

The truth is like a bucket of very cold water tossed on a couple of mating dogs:  it strikes us to the ground where all vibration stops.  We come out of our electrically charged state and return to the dull lifelessness that we resemble following a major quake phase.  Breathing returns to normal; thinking clears; and the headache sets in.  The aftermath of the quake is that we feel silly.

No matter how many times we go through this, when we’re done, we tell ourselves that we’ll never allow that to happen again!  Next time, we say, we’ll remain calm until there’s a real reason not to remain calm.

It’s a lie.  We can’t do it.  Next time something happens that frightens us to death, we’ll begin to vibrate again, well beyond normal human rates, out of control, making ourselves crazy, raising our blood pressures, letting our minds tell us that only the worst is possible.  And while the worst just may come, there’s a greater probability that it won’t.

Regardless, we’ll vibrate out of control until the truth is revealed and we once again feel silly.  You can count on it.