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The turtle eventually wins?
August 13, 2009, 4:50 am
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I read once that you’re only as happy as your saddest child.  As a  mom, I think that’s pretty true.

If she was alive, I wonder how happy Bernie Madoff’s mom would be?  Here’s a guy who knowingly bilked a few hundred people out of their life’s savings, bought himself a whole bunch of ‘stuff’, tried to protect his wife so she wouldn’t lose all their stuff and will probably get out of jail at some point to go back to his stuff and start a fresh life.

Maybe his mom would be happy.  After all, everyone makes mistakes.  Theoretically, Bernie will have done the time for his.  So his mom can be proud of that?

Since that’s the way it seems to happen more often than not for people at the top of the food chain, why don’t the same rules apply at the bottom?

I know someone right now who went through a very rough time.  In the process the person pretty much lost financial well being, lost logic, lost self.  This person has struggled to regain life, logic, employment, self.  At every turn, the big bad wolf has been waiting to bite once more.  First unemployment hit, then a minimum wage job.  Then a good job came along followed by major surgery followed by being let go by the good job.  Several minute jobs later, some paper routes, some doing whatever it takes to try to keep a roof over the head and finally another good job offer.  Hooray!

Don’t Hooray so fast.  The big bad wolf lurks.  At the last minute, as the moving truck was on its way to the door, there was a notice that said, ‘oh, sorry.  We’ve changed our minds because we don’t like your fiscal past.’

Back to square one.

In the spirit of things, diligence remains and another job comes along with bizarre hours, even more bizarre people to care for and now there are bruises, both physically and emotionally.  As though there hasn’t been enough.

I need to have the question answered:  Why do some people go merrily along through life while others face one mountain after another with very little respite in between?

While some people skip through life, do their time and come out on the other side, filling their pockets yet again with riches as though all has been forgotten, the pasts of others, who didn’t hurt anyone but themselves, seem to follow them all the days of their lives.  They never get a break, even after they’ve turned things around.

The amazing thing is the fact that these people still manage to pick themselves up after each fall, determined to try again, make a go of it.  Shouldn’t credit be given for that stamina and stick-to-itiveness?

In my book it should and it does.

All that I can hope for is that, like the turtle in the race with the rabbit, the diligence and stamina will pay off in the long run.