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A Short Addendum…
November 10, 2010, 1:00 am
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There’s a priest who visited one of our local churches who has land in Haiti where he wants to build a number of homes for those who have lost everything there – twice.

Cost of each home? $5,500.

If Meg Whitman had donated her $140 Million to this priest, he could have built over 25,000 homes, put in sewage systems, built some schools, water plants, and so much more!

Too bad.


$140 Million…Oh What That Could Do
November 7, 2010, 9:28 pm
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I find it fascinating that Meg Whitman spent $140 million dollars of her own personal money to try to win the governor’s seat in California.  What a waste of a great resource, made even more of a waste because it did her no good – she lost.

It is mind boggling to me how anyone could personally have so much money that it was nothing to spend $140 million of it with no guarantee of getting anything in return.  I mean, if she’d used that dough to buy a big yacht, 10 houses, a plane and a small country, that would be one thing albeit certainly ostentatious in its extravagance!  But to toss it to the media?  Now there’s a bone they were most happy to catch!

All’s I can think about is how much good that money could have done.  In Sierra Leone, Africa there is a dearth of clean drinking water.  To find it, the residents have to go miles and hope there’s enough to scoop up a container full.  Mostly the water is contaminated and unpotable.

They could have a well – if they only had $500.  That’s how much it costs to build one well in a village, making clean water completely accessible.

The mean income in Sierra Leone is $311 a year.  They work seven days a week just to earn enough to be able to buy a couple cups of rice a day.  There’s no money available for building wells.

Meg Whitman, had she used her $140 million for a well building project, could have built 280,000 wells.  That would have taken care of every village and then some.  Her opponent, Jerry Brown, who spent a paltry $11 million on his campaign could have joined her and provided 22,000 wells.  At least he got something for his $11 million….he won the governorship.

So, you might say, the probability of either of them giving up the futility of the use of such quantities of money to try to buy what they wanted – a governorship – is next to nil.  Besides, you might argue, it’s their money to do with as they please.  More power to them!

Which brings us to what might just be one of the problems this country, this world has; a reason why life continues to get more and more sad for so many.

Children in Sierra Leone. Their school needs a new building.

It is the idea that life is only about me.  I am only responsible for me.  If I have money, I can use it as I wish.  Those problems aren’t mine.  Let those people figure it out for themselves.

$500 for a well in Sierra Leone - PRICELESS!

All well and good, but at some point in life we find we do need someone else to help us through a particularly difficult time.  What if they say no and you’re left to fend for yourself in a life or death situation?  Tables have a way of turning on a dime. 

Even if you don’t have millions to spare, you can still bless someone by sharing what you do have to make their lives better.  What’s a little well between humans?  If it’s a difference between clean water or not, a little well can mean the difference between life and death.