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‘Extended Vacation’…cont’d.
February 27, 2011, 1:43 am
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Well, I’m 11 days into my extended vacation. 

How’s it going, you ask?

The first half dozen days, I was pretty low, sad, angry, depressed, lost in a haze of ‘now what will I do.’  I also got sick…’no wonder,’ my mother would say, ‘this is enough to make anyone sick.’ 

Sunday night arrived and I realized that I wasn’t going to have to get up and go to work!  When I woke up on Monday, boy, was I glad!  The weather was terrible, meaning my drive down Rt. 11 would have been filled with angst as I’d wonder, as I always did, would this be the day I didn’t make it there or maybe not make it home?  On this day, the weather outside was frightful, but from inside my house, it was purely delightful!

Good things happened this week.  A number of volunteers and work friends called or sent me cards letting me know how they felt about what had happened to me.  They missed me and wanted to make time for us to get together as friends.  That made me feel pretty good.  I appreciated their care and was glad to be able to share with them how much I’d be missing them.  They’d been a good part of the last three years.

I finally sat down to finish the editing of my first book, a collection of columns that my husband had gathered and published for me.  It’s been on hold since last year, just waiting for me to fix everything I knew was wrong with those columns, often written in the middle of some bleary eyed night before publication.  It’s been fun to see how my writing matured from the first half to the second half of the book.  Some of it I think people might even enjoy reading.

I’ve spent alot of  time on the computer catching up with people and things I’d been missing.  When I worked, I came home emotionally exhausted everyday, having talked to people most of the day and skated from one fire to the next.  I never seemed to have the energy to do what I really wanted to do.

I also went out two evenings with different friends.  We had dinner, went to a movie, talked.  I enjoyed their company.

Of course, there are the common things one must do if one wishes to be paid to stay at home, so I registered for unemployment, read all the paperwork they sent me and am preparing to begin my life as part of the Ohio Jobs and Family Services family.

I’ve applied for a local job and published my resume online to keep up with the OJFS requirement .  Now I’m waiting expectantly for my

borrowed from Tania Khadder's blog

rejection letters to begin to come in.  LOL

My largest concern is health insurance.  I’ve seen the cost of COBRA – YIKES!  We’re checking out what else is available and one of my friends has pointed me to her niece who can help us if we can’t seem to find anything on our own.  How kind of her!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying life at Casa Jagunic and plan to work my way through numerous projects until the time comes when I get a ‘welcome to our company’ call. 

Until then, I’m available for coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Just give me a call!


The Job Stops Here
February 23, 2011, 4:36 pm
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Last Tuesday, I lost my job.

Well, not really.  I know where it went.

It went to a place where many jobs go when a company wants to make more profit….away.

It seems kind of weird that this has happened since, for the most part, my department was just one person doing everything.  I was the volunteer coordinator and managed the employees at the information desk who were not volunteers.

I did have an overseer, but she had her own job to do so she wasn’t that involved with the day to day.  For her sake, I’m sorry she wasn’t more involved.

I also had a ‘babysitter’ – someone else’s secretary who thought it was her job to keep tabs on my every move.  I guess she didn’t have enough to keep her own self busy.   Too bad she judged me incorrectly and didn’t see that what was happening was that I was more than busy and offered me some help – I could have used it.

I became a department of one last year when they removed my boss who was very active in what went on in our department.  She did all the administrative and face forward stuff that I never wanted to do anyway.  I did the rest.  Between us, we actually tried to have fun and make some fun for our volunteers and desk workers.  Back then, it was a great job.  I loved it.

Losing my job had nothing to do with me or how I did my job.  The new company came in, looked around for awhile, never even met me until week before last, yet decided I was unnecessary.

To them, I was just badge number 6571, a number they could do without.  They didn’t bother to look at me as a person, to face the fact of how difficult it would be in this culture to get another job, especially at my age.  They didn’t ask, ‘so, do you have a pension you can claim soon to fall back on?  What about your insurance?  Will you even be able to pay or get, for that matter, a new plan?  Have we killed your hopes and dreams yet?’

For them, they did their job by giving me a folder that had the following items in it:  a list of job openings within the company – none for which I’d qualify; a letter telling me that I was being let go with a list of what was in this packet to help me because ‘We know this will be a difficult time for you and we want to offer you the following assistance’ – really?  How do you ‘know’ when you don’t know me?  Employment separation information; a letter of recommendation; an EAP brochure – it’s an 800 number to call – peachy; a government brochure entitled ‘Surviving a Layoff: Your guide to a soft landing and a smooth reentry’ – very not so applicable in this economy and very warm and fuzzy; ‘The Workers Guide to Unemployment’ so I’d know how to sign up; and finally a severance contract to sign.

All very standard stuff in this day and age.  Very thorough.  Very impersonal.  And let’s keep it that way, shall we?

Now then, pack up your stuff and get out!

I did that and came home.

It’s very disappointing to say the least, when you’ve not only done your best, but you’ve gone even beyond to extend yourself to others to try to do even better.  But I’d never have done anything different even had I known this would be the send off I’d get for my efforts.

I am disappointed and sad, mostly because I wasn’t afforded the opportunity of saying goodbye to the volunteers for whom I’ve had so much respect and love.  That was the hardest part.

I think about what the future may hold but I’m not worrying about it.  I totally believe, as hard as this seems, it is part of God’s plan for my life.  With that in mind, I know that He will provide for our needs every day.  More interesting to me is what He’ll provide for me to replace what I’ve just lost?  He’s always done His best on my behalf so I trust Him to do that again.  I’ll be doing the looking, knowing He’ll make the way.

One thing I plan to do is to blog my way through this adventure.  So, if you want to come with me, come back to this spot every so often to learn how the road is unfolding before us.  If you’re in the same boat, maybe you will share your thoughts with me and others through the comments section.  I’d enjoy hearing your story, too.