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Unbelievably stupid
July 31, 2009, 10:43 pm
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Often, in the morning while I’m getting ready for work, we turn on one of the morning shows to see what’s going on in the abcLogoworld.  After years of viewing ABC, we finally honed in on the NBC Today Show.  We liked that in the first half hour you got a wide range of actual news from across the globe before they switched to a lighter fare in the second half hour.  Those were the days when the entire program was just two hours long.

Over the course of time, much has changed about our regularly scheduled morning program.  Instead of the likes of John Chancellor, Tom Brokaw or Jane Pauley, all who were actual journalists, we now have Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera who did herself no favor by joining the crew.  In his credits, listed on NBC, Lauer is labeled a ‘news reader’, not a journalist.  His curriculum vitae is about as impressive as that of Michael Jackson were he to have sought a position as a pre-school teacher.nbc_logo

Each morning, after the hosts greet the audience, they headline what we’ll be told in the next 24 minutes.  Every morning this week, the second or third headline was about Michael Jackson, the disposition of his kids, pending legal proceedings against his physician, his mother, his kid’s mother.  I don’t know about you, but this is NOT big news for me.  Neither was the daily report of the current activities of one Britney Spears for the six weeks they made her one of the top three headlines each day.

Yes, you’re right, I could turn it off.  And I did about three days into the whole three ring circus. But why should I have to?  Why do we have to put up with such pandering?  Why can’t we try to effect a change for what’s being shoveled into our morning cereal bowls?

cbs_new_logoMy point is this:  Don’t we have greater issues at hand that we should be concerned about, reporting accurately about, other than what happens after Michael Jackson dies or how many pairs of underwear Britnry Spears has (or doesn’t have as the case may be)?   How is it that the networks, who want us to think of their reporting as legitimate, have allowed their programming to become trash TV?  I know that college sophomores write most of what’s shown as network comedy, but when did they sneak into the local newsrooms?

Have we dumbed ourselves down so much that this is the drivel we are willing to accept in place of good, solid reporting of the facts about real issues in our country?  Are our lives so devoid of personal fulfillment that we require a daily shot of the fox_logodisgusting to make us feel better about ourselves?  Are we so afraid to hear the truth that we’ll listen to anything else just to escape it?  Or have we just become a peeping Tom society with a voyeuristic need to grope through the muck of the tragedies of other people’s lives?  Gross.

People, wake up!  Turning off the TV set doesn’t change a thing.  Write a letter, send an email, somehow find a way to communicate with the networks and news channels about what you really want to see and hear on TV.  That’s the only way they’ll know that you’re not just some toothless drone who never blinks when you see and hear stupid stuff coming across the airwaves.

Of course, if all you want to do is turn off your TV set, go ahead.  Maybe the Neilson ratings will get your message and pass it along.