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Gubmint and How Gubmint Works

I did not write this.  I got it via email from a friend who also did not write it.  However, we both think it’s worth the read and is very indicative about how our ‘gubmint’ works.  Read on and feel free to copy it and send it to anyone you think might care or those who are too gullible to actually think this is the way it really is.  Maybe they’ll finally ‘get it’.

Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired two people; one person to write the instructions and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?” So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people; one to do the studies and one to write the reports.

Then Congress said, “How are these people going to get paid?” So they created the following positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer, and then hired two people.

Then Congress said, “Who will be accountable for all of these people?” So they created an administrative section and hired three people; an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, “We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $18,000 over budget. We must cutback overall cost.” So they laid off the night watchman.

NOW slowly…let it sink in. Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY during the Carter Administration?

Anybody? Anything? No?

Bottom line. We’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of this agency…the reason for which hardly any person who reads this can remember!


It was very simple…and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.

The Department of Energy was instituted on 8-04-1977, TO LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL.  Hey, pretty efficient, huh???

And now it’s 2010 — 33 years later — and the budget for this “necessary” department is at $24.2 billion a year.

They have 16,000 federal employees and approximately 100,000 contract employees; and look at the job they have done! (this is where you slap your forehead and say, “what were they thinking?”)

Thirty-three years ago, 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports.

Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports — good ‘ole bureaucracy.

And now, we are going to turn the banking system, health care, and the auto industry over to the same government?

Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter.


Threats are Not Surprising
March 27, 2010, 5:17 pm
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I’ve been hearing, and then reading in today’s paper, about various of our representatives and senators who are being threatened by members of our populace.  While it is regrettable, it should not be unexpected.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”   ~  Thomas Jefferson

When there is talk of overhauling anything, you will never hear our federal government mentioned and yet the federal government is probably the most antiquated, out of touch, cumbersome, greedy, chaff-like bunch of blowhards grouped together anywhere on earth.

While they depend on us, their constituents to elect them to office, often that is the end of their relationship with us.  While they are trying to be elected they say things that they think we want to hear.  However, there is no connection between what they say to us and what they actually do for us.  Doing for us is the least of their concerns once elected to office.  Making bigger and larger government, lining their pockets with lobbyist dollars, and living a lifestyle only they are privy to is what consumes them once in office.

It is paramount these days that if you plan on walking into the Capitol Building you must automatically leave your integrity and the desires of your constituents outside the door!  It doesn’t matter how many of your constituents jam your phone lines or how many thousands of emails you get asking, no begging you to vote a big fat NO on a subject, your seem to think that your job as a representative of the people is only to do whatever the nearest lobbyist or senior senator or representative wants you to do.

Regardless of how many times we vote you out and vote someone new in, we fail to effect any change and that’s because there is no longer even one good person who can stand firm, stick with the constituents, do as they ask.  To a man, everyone can now be bought.  Every man has his price and isn’t afraid to ask for it.  Constituents?  Who are they?

“States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions.”  ~  Noam Chomsky

To our discredit, we, the voters have sat back infinitely too many years allowing these shenanigans to go on.  I think we did it because we weren’t so much affected – we still had our jobs, our bank accounts.  Life was comfortable.

Well, life is changing.  Life is no longer comfortable for us.  Suddenly we see what you’re doing over there, how well you are living.  We recognize, even if you don’t, that the $1.5 trillion that you’ve thrown at cheating, lying banks and car companies is coming out of our over picked pockets.  Now, against all sanity, you’ve managed to throw another gazillion billion at a health care plan that is past the ridiculous – even though we asked you not to.  Next on the horizon?  Taking over the educational system and loans for higher education!

Other countries are getting tired of your approaches for more loans, more money.  Your interest rates are going higher as you pass out money you don’t have.  You think you can just tax us; but we can no longer afford to give you our money because you’ve worked it out wonderfully that most of our jobs, and our income, have evaporated into the Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican air through the world treaties that you’ve created!

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”   ~ Samuel Adams

Americans are holding tea parties because we are now angry:  angry at ourselves for having allowed you to hoodwink us for so long; angry that we’ve let you get away with it all.  Americans want to take our country back, out of your misshapen hands and darkened minds and put it back on keel before we all find ourselves as the first of a new form of third world nation – the bankrupt, bereft, 300 million victims of choices made by 535 men and women!

You won’t listen.  You won’t pay attention.  You don’t vote according to what your constituents desire.  In your pit of avarice you convince yourselves that you know better what we need here in the Mahoning Valley (or Anywhere, USA) than we do. Well, you don’t and in the current climate, sooner or later, you will pay a price.  There is a consequence for every action; the choice of that consequence is yours.

“You can only govern men by serving them. The rule is without exception.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

Sharing The Upper Hand
March 18, 2010, 12:50 am
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There’s so much power mongering these days.  There’s hardly a place you can go or a facet of life where you won’t find someone trying to wield power over another individual or group.

While you’d think that the supposed liberation of women over the last 40 years would have leveled the playing field between men and women, on a regular daily basis you will find that not to be true.  The reality is that many men are still hung up on dominating and controlling the women around them.  There are some who just ALWAYS have to have the upper hand.

I’m so fortunate:  My husband is not one of those men.  While he’s not a pushover, he’s also not someone who has to dominate nor always have the upper hand over me.  While he trusts in God, he doesn’t use the ‘wives must submit to their husbands’ scriptures in a way that presumes I should have very little or no say in our lives.

He works with women in his business life but never seems to feel the need to assert himself in such a way as to make them feel inferior.  Sure, he may get annoyed sometimes with their behavior, as he does with other men’s behavior, but he never takes it upon himself to denigrate them or make them feel like second class citizens.

In the church, where there can be an even greater tendency to try to put women in some supposed lowly female ‘place’, he is kind and values what the women have to say in the areas that he co-serves with them.  When he listens, he does so with an open mind and ability to help them know that he has heard and understands their point of view.  He doesn’t automatically presume that ‘because he’s a man’ he automatically knows best.  Nor does he behave in such a manner that they are made to feel as though their input doesn’t really count.  They are treated as equals whose input is incorporated into the overall plans.

I really like that about him.  He’s figured out that receiving many ideas from many people, men or women, usually gives a better quality to the discussion.  He knows that broader input builds trust and makes for better group interactions overall.

He and his cohorts don’t limit themselves by invoking some ‘men are the heads’ credo in an attempt to keep women in the pantry ‘where they belong.’  They’re actually evolved enough to be secure in who they are, without need to shout down any woman who they fear might have a better insight than they do.  They don’t insist on their way or the highway because they know this isn’t any way to navigate successfully and peacefully through the narrows of relationship building.  And isn’t that what life should really be about – relationship building?

So, the next time you think it’s all about having the upper hand, take a tip from my husband by opening your heart and mind to what the other person is really saying.  Let go of your prejudices and learn to understand that their input can be possibly even more valuable than your closed mind.  Maybe just once, open your ears and put your hands in your lap.

Do you know where your extra hour is?
March 13, 2010, 11:05 pm
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Tick, tick, tick.

No, it’s not my biological clock.  That ran down a couple years ago.

It’s the clock ticking down to 2 a.m. tomorrow morning, the time we’re supposed to get up and turn our clocks forward an hour.

What happens if I refuse?

One year, my hometown did refuse to change our clocks.  It was pretty cool!  It meant that I could actually manage to watch Johnny Carson and on Friday nights see Ghoulardi at 10:30.  Of course my mom, who worked at the hospital in the adjacent town, had to leave for the midnight shift at 9:30 instead of 10:30, but that just gave me more time to sneak some snacks while I watched the shows.

Another reason I’m not fond of turning the clock forward and backward is that it seriously messes with my body clock!  One morning I’m supposed to be waking up at 6:30 a.m. body clock time and the next I have to wake up at 5:30 a.m. Daylight Savings Time.  Believe me when I say, I don’t want to.  Neither does my body.

In case the powers that be didn’t notice, generally speaking, we’re no longer a country of farmers.  I know this because the labels on my food say that it came from almost any other country but mine.  If we’re no longer farmers, then we don’t need an extra hour of sunlight at night so we can continue to work in the field.

Again, ‘powers’, our kids no longer stand out on the street corner in the dark to get on the school bus.  I know this because I see them sitting in their parent’s cars at the street corner waiting for the bus to come.  At the end of the school day, they don’t go outside to play; they sit inside on their computers or facing their Wii’s.  They don’t need a time change either!

While we’re at it, who dreamed up the little concept of the ‘extra hour of daylight’ in the first place?  I’m here to tell you that there is no ‘extra hour of daylight’.  If you paid attention to today, there were 24 hours in it just the same as there will be 24 hours tomorrow – unless the world comes to an end and I understand that’s not supposed to happen till May 11, 2011.

Regardless of whether we have Eastern Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time, there will be the same amount of daylight.  There is NO extra hour!

Finally, what idiot decided that 2 a.m. was when clocks should be changed?  Was that a good time because people are just coming home from bars at that hour?  Did someone have a bladder issue and that’s when their bathroom run takes place?  It’s just one more thing about the time change issue that makes absolutely no sense to me.

Frankly, the only thing I get out of the spring time change is the loss of an hour of sleep.  I spend the next six months waiting tiredly for the time to ‘fall back’ just so I can catch up.  But I never do.