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North Dakota: Dearth of Dates
July 15, 2009, 3:10 am
Filed under: Dating, Humor, North Dakota

NorthDakotaAs my daughter heads off for dinner with yet another ‘imported’ date, I can’t help reflect briefly on how it seems that if you plan to live in North Dakota (ND) and still date, it will probably be necessary to either plan to date from afar or to import guys into your area for dating purposes.

When Rachel moved to ND, she actually took a boyfriend with her.  I now wonder if she had some curious premonition that this was necessary if you plan to entertain a relationship in that state?

Since breaking up with said transplant, she has taken to dating men who don’t live nearby.nepal-kathmandu-man-waving

Her first foray into ‘foreign’ dating came at the hand of a friend who said, “Hey, I know this really great guy that I think would be perfect for you!  He lives in Iowa.”

Next thing you know, Rachel exchanged numbers with Steve and they began talking on the phone every day, sometimes for hours.  Steve even came up to meet Rachel in person – after a good number of hours spent on the phone, of course.   Unfortunately, their phone relationship was better than their in person meeting so Steve went back to Iowa leaving Rachel to pursue her next potential foreign beau.

It didn’t take that long.  Within about a month, she met a new guy.  This one actually lives in the state (ND) but on the other sidOklahomae from where she lives.  It’s a four hour drive in fact, so I think it almost qualifies as a ‘foreign’ date.  They’re having dinner together even as I write this.  If she likes him, he’ll definitely become a ‘foreign’ date because she’s moving to Oklahoma next week.

Time will tell if Oklahoma has more to offer in the way of potential relationships or if Rachel will have to continue to import her dates from other states.

We’ll keep you posted.


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